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Venue: Des Moines International Airport Venue ID: 69689
Des Moines International Airport
5800 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, Iowa 50350


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Des Moines International Airport Listings :

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Lost Items at Des Moines International Airport
Listing ID Category Title Venue Name
City/Town, State
264053Hardware, ToolsCustom right hand blue and black braceDes Moines, Iowa. 50350
267013Certificates, Degrees, Diplomas, TitlesBirth certificateDes Moines, Iowa. 50350
264052Hardware, ToolsCustom right hand blue and black braceDes Moines, Iowa. 50350
258945Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoNikon Coolpix purple camera San Francisco International Airport
Dallas/fort Worth International Airport
Des Moines International Airport
248383CD, DVD, IPOD, MP3 Players, Cassette PlayersIpod touch Des Moines International Airport
Dallas/fort Worth International Airport
255893WalletSmall zipped black wallet Des Moines International Airport
Chicago Ohare International Airport
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Sorry, no found listings found at this venue.

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